June 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Adjusting to College Life – Understanding the most common challenges reported by freshmen – and what to do about them — can make the transition to college life go more smoothly for both students and their parents.
  • Majoring in Landscape Architecture –  If you’re creative, interested in the environment and science, and enjoy working with people, landscape architecture may be just the career for you.
  • Talking to Your Kids About Money – They use gift cards, credit cards, debit cards and apps such as Venmo and PayPal. Money, the green stuff, is not a meaningful part of many teenagers’ lives. Before your child leaves for college, a conversation about finances is in order.
  • How Movies Can Help You Write Better Application Essays – The best college application essays don’t merely tell what happened to you, they also let admissions officers understand why what happened matters.  To do that in 650 words or less, it can help to think like a screenwriter.

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May 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Five Career Planning Ideas for High School Students –  Here are five things you can do now – while you’re still in high school – to start thinking about possible careers.
  • Majoring in Art & Design – Do you have a passion for painting, drawing or designing but feel unsure about how you can turn your love of art into a career?  Bachelor’s programs in fine or visual arts or in design can help you achieve your goal of a fulfilling career.
  • Does Attending College Still Make Financial Sense? –  Media stories about the rising cost of a college education and student debt, combined with the lingering economic effects of the recession, have led many people to question whether it still makes financial sense to attend college.
  • Summer Campus Visits – While summer may not be the ideal time to visit, it frequently is the most practical time for busy families.

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April 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


    • Facts & Myths about Liberal Arts Education –  Ask twenty people what they think about the term “liberal arts education” and you’ll likely get twenty different responses.  Get the facts here.
    • Majoring in Nutritional Sciences –  The food industry is the fourth largest industry in the world.  Nutritional science is a great major for people interested in a health-related career, for those who want to work in the fitness industry, for individuals who love to cook and create recipes, and for budding entrepreneurs.
    • Appealing your Financial Aid Award – Are you short in funds needed to enroll at your first-choice college?  Consider appealing your financial aid award.
    • Handling Rejection – Advice for Parents –  College rejection happens to most students, but it doesn’t need to define the rest of their life. Here are some tips to help your teen deal with denial.

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March 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


    • Lessons Learned by Parents about Campus Visits – Some sage advice from parents who have “been there, done that”.
    • Dual Degrees: 3-2 Engineering Programs – For students not sure that they want to become engineers or those who wish to explore more of the liberal arts, a combined 3-2 program offers students the best of both worlds.
    • The Most Generous Colleges –  Students who are thoughtful and wisely apply to colleges that really fit their profile, and where they fit the colleges’ interests, may be pleasantly surprised by financial support offers heading their way through ‘Merit-based’ aid.
    • Maximizing Your Summer Break –  Summer provides the best opportunity for future college applicants to separate themselves from the pack.
    • Wallowing on the Waitlist – Nationally, only about 20% of waitlisted students are admitted each year.  If you really want to be among those who are, you need to be proactive.

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February 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Athletic Recruiting – Families may dream of “signing day”, but what are the realities facing prospective college athletes?
  • Majoring in Statistics/Data Science – Data Science was just named the #1 career by Glassdoor and the “sexiest career of the 21st century” by the Harvard Business Review.  Could this be a career for you?
  • Understanding Net Price –  Families often experience sticker shock when contemplating the cost of college, but it’s the net price, rather than the sticker price, that prospective students need to consider.
  • Don’t Get Caught Up in Senior Slump –  Every year some students get a little too relaxed and cling to a false sense of teenage invulnerability. And every year, to the shock of these students, colleges across the country revoke a small but significant number of their acceptances.

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January 2018 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Helping Your Child Succeed – an article especially for parents, highlighting five ways that parents can help their children succeed in both school and life.
  • Majoring in Neuroscience – this rapidly expanding field offers myriad job opportunities for future graduates.  The skills gained through a neuroscience major are widely applicable to a variety of fields.  Check this out!
  • Trends in Student Loans –  You’ve probably seen the headlines suggesting that debt for college students is out of control and getting worse.  But, is it really?
  • Searching for Performing Arts Colleges – A free, searchable resource from the publishers of Playbill Magazine.
  • After Your Applications Have Been Submitted – Seniors who have completed the college application process are feeling pretty good about this time.  But you still have things to do.

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December 2017 College Counseling Newsletter


  • SAT or ACT? Deciding Which Test is Right for You – feeling confused about which college entrance exam to take?  This may help.
  • Majoring in Cyber-security – with a median pay over $90,000 and a job growth rate greater than 37% over the next four years, cyber-security is one of the hottest majors around.  Does it suit you?
  • Searching for Scholarships – use this list of free databases to help you search for appropriate scholarships.
  • Religiously-affiliated Colleges – consider the pros and cons of attending a religiously-affiliated school before choosing the ideal university.

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November 2017 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Big Fish or Little Fish? – Deciding if you’ll be better suited to being a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond is an important part of finding a college that will be the best match for you.
  • Majoring in Actuarial Science – When it comes to pay, job satisfaction, and employability, actuaries have one of the best careers available.
  • Net Price Calculators – Get an early estimate of your out-of-pocket cost before you finalize your college list.
  • Acing that Interview – Never turn down the offer of an interview!  If you do, it looks as though you are not a serious applicant. Here are some tips to guide your experience.
  • Should Standardized Tests be the Standard? – Although some schools downplay the importance of standardized tests, there is no question that there are colleges that rely heavily on them in making admissions decisions.

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October 2017 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Choosing the “Right” Application – Here’s a rundown of the most commonly used college applications and information on how to choose the ones best for you.
  • Majoring in Psychology – Psychology is the second most popular major on US college campuses. What can you do with a major in psychology and is this the right major for you?
  • It’s Time to Complete Financial Aid Forms – Oct. 1st marks the opening of the FAFSA application for students who will attend college in 2018-19.  Who should be completing the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how do you do these?
  • Show Your Colleges Some Love – More than 3/4 of all US colleges consider “demonstrated interest” in evaluating applicants.  How can you show your colleges that you’d really like to attend?

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June 2017 College Counseling Newsletter


  • Tips for Surviving Your Freshman Year of College – Follow these tips to get off to a great start as you begin the next phase of your education.
  • Majoring in Meteorology – Are you a curious person who enjoys applying science and math to analyzing and solving problems? If so, a career as a meteorologist may be a good match.
  • Legal and Financial Issues Before Your Depart for College – Some important things to act on before you leave for college.
  • Writing Great College Essays – Even if your college list isn’t 100% finalized yet, it’s not too early to start thinking about your application essays.
  • Applying Early Decision – There’s been a push to earlier application deadlines.  Consider this article carefully before deciding to apply early decision.

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